Publications and reviews

Update: Pavel Machotka's latest book, CÉZANNE: The eye and the mind, has been published! Read some excerpts from the book and find out where to purchase it by clicking the link below.

The eye and the mind

Pavel Machotka
Painting and Our Inner World
The Psychology of Image Making

Pavel Machotka
Light, Form and Sensuality
Pavel Machotka
Style and Psyche
Pavel Machotka
Cézanne: Landscape into Art
Pavel Machotka
Echoing Cézanne,
American Artist, June 1995
Description of Cézanne: Landscape into Art,
Yale Art and Architecture catalog, Spring 1996
Book review,The Burlington Magazine, September 1996
On Art: The Founder Cézanne's radiant influence can be felt anew at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The New Republic, August 5, 1996
Pavel Machotka
(review of the artist's work),
Artweek, August 5, 1993
Professor rediscovers rocky landscapes immortalised in galleries across the world,
London Times, February 6, 1996